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November 23 2014

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November 21 2014

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November 20 2014

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November 19 2014

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Meet Zeus, a blind Western screech owl with eyes that look like windows to another galaxy glittering with stars. The rescued owl, who was found lying injured on a porch one morning, now lives happily at the Wildlife Learning Center in  Sylmar, California.

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ladies, if a guy ever sends you an unwarranted dick pic, reply with this imageimage

i just got a death threat for this post. nice 10/10

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November 16 2014

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November 15 2014

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Now that Europe’s made history, we stop and take a moment to celebrate this amazing day.

… but we must look forward. What brought us to this point? Why land on a comet in the first place?

This mission is going to give us answers to some pretty ancient and profound questions.

It will tell us whether or not Earth’s water actually came from comets.

Inside the comet, you’ll find the material remains of our early solar system: a cosmic fossil frozen in dust and ice. We will find out more in how planets form and become habitable. These secrets have been undisturbed for billions of years… let’s disturb them.

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November 13 2014

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November 04 2014

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Actress Scientists via Sci-Tech

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November 03 2014

Freddie ist Mercury
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