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March 04 2015

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March 03 2015

Blooms by John Edmark: Strobe-Animated Sculptures

These 3-D printed sculptures, called blooms, are designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5º—the golden angle. If you count the number of spirals on any of these sculptures you will find that they are always Fibonacci numbers.

For this video, rather than using a strobe, the camera was set to a very short shutter speed (1/4000 sec) in order to freeze the spinning sculpture.

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March 02 2015

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In 2005, 2 weeks into a 12 month overseas contract, this over-zealous dick arrested me for something I clearly did not do. He used his mobile to ring my phone, to check I had given him the correct mobile number. I saved it. When I am drunk, I phone him at 5am, wake him up, and practise my German.

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March 01 2015


February 26 2015

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Im sick of it
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February 25 2015

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Die Schreie nach Vorratsdatenspeicherung der Politik entlang der Anschläge der NSU; in Norwegen, Boston, Paris und Kopenhagen - Bei Netzpolitik.org
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February 22 2015

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February 21 2015

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