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March 18 2017


March 05 2017

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Ok, lets break this down nice and simple.

Formaldehyde is from the purification of the vaccine. 99.9% of which is removed. The reason it doesn’t give a dosage is the ammount is so minuscule that it can’t be measured without going into picograms. That’s one trillionth of a gram. You breathe in more formaldehyde by driving down a busy road than in a vaccine.

Thimerosal is NOT elemental mercury, It is a molecular compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, mercury, sodium, oxygen, and sulfur. This is used as a preservative for the vaccine. Thimerosal is used in a variety of other things, like tattoo ink, facial creams, nasal sprays. It’s toxic to humans only in fairly large quantities but highly toxic to aquatic born organisms like infectious bacteria. In short, it makes sure you don’t get salmonella from a stray bacteria from the chicken embryos.

As for the dosage of the Thimerosal. That is the most laughable point in this post. It says 25 mcg, that’s micrograms, or one millionth of a gram. To put this in perspective, a dollar bill weighs roughly 1 gram, the average human eyelash is around 80-90 micrograms. The box also says that it contains a 5ml (milliliter/cc) vial which leads me to my next point.

A little simple math and we find out that 25 mcg = 0.00003 ml and a little more math we find that 0.00003 ml is 0.00006% of 5 ml. Let me put this another way. By the age of 5, an American child weighs about 50-55lbs and their body contains 55 mcg of Uranium. I don’t see any kids running around with radiation sickness, so I think they’re safe with a preservative in them.

TL;DR: This is like saying you don’t want your child eating their baked birthday cake because raw eggs were used to make it and you don’t want your child getting salmonella from it.

Thank you so much person. 

February 28 2017

Soup.io image loading repair script for your friends stream
@nordern postet this awesome Bookmarklet script that fixes the broken soup images of the actual page.
However, it is not the best solution since the soup has a lot of broken images right now.

Here is a piece of code you can copy and paste into your about field on your soup profile.
From now on when ever you browse your friends stream within your profile (http://your-soup-name.soup.io/friends) this script tries to fix the broken images.

Happy scrolling everyone and be excellent to each other!
Source code
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February 19 2017

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February 16 2017

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February 15 2017

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July 10 2015

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July 09 2015

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July 03 2015


real men

Real men don’t give a shit about what “Real Men Do and Don’t”. Real Men will gladly have a tea party with their nieces, and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

Neuköllner Fahrradständer
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June 29 2015

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